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This may come as a shock.

I want to join the Air Force. Seriously considering it.


Turkey day was a BLAST!!! I cooked dinner. All of it. Including the 14 pound turkey, the savory dressing, delicious gravy, homemade cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, english peas, and asparagus. And we cant forget the pumpkin pie and the mincemeat pie. HEHE I was so proud. Anyway I went on the best first date I've ever been on the other night. Thats right. The best. Possibly the best date I've been on. He took me to this really nice resuraunt and it didn't taste very good, so the whole meal we just cracked up about how I could get 10 meals that are 100 times better at freaking ARBYS lol There was also this HUGE BEET leaf that looked like someone dropped a green doorag in my food lol anyway the we went bowling, rented a movie and stayed up till about 8 just talking and being beyond silly. He played some songs he had written on the guitar and they were so good! anyway now hes in mobile but he'll be back TOMORROW! Yay!

So about the ER. I fell..... really hard. lol I had a knot on my head the size of my fist. You could visibly see a LUMP on my head. I went to the ER and had xrays and whatnot and turned out that I was leaking fluid from my brain... WHOA that explained why I couldnt feel my arms or chest. They gave me a morphine shot and did a bunch of other stuff to fix me up and then I went home.

Actually alot more is going on but I'm too lazy to type it. I'm going to go see pride and prejudice with my nana.

Nov. 2nd, 2005

Well long time no update. :)
Life is stupendous.
My phone is being totally retarded and so is my internet.
FYI if you call me then leave your name and number otherwise I wont know you called and cant call you back.
In 2 weeks I'm going to spend a week in charleston with Kyle. And then in febuary I'm going to stay with him for 3 weeks. Whoa dang. Yesterday was my birthday! :)and a random customer that I seated found out it was my birthday and she asked me my favorite color and then after they left went and bought me a gift, wrapped it, got a card and sang happy birthday to me at work. CRAZY! They gift was a pecock jewelry box with all these colors and rinestones. I LOVE IT. anyway I gg bye!
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Well Work is awesome. I saw tajmah the other day hahaha. Anyway the date the othernight was AWESOME. He was such a gentlemen. His view are similar to mine and hes so fun to be around... this might last a while. It's been a long long time since I've had this much fun with some one on the first few dates. I'm SO excited. Anyway BRIOS PARTY TONIGHT! heck yea! we rented out a place in Southe Side. haha FUN TIMES! but I have to go now to Symphony Choir.... LATA!
Well I took my car into T&C today. Fun times. It wasn't the same without Jessica and her brother there. :(

Anyway, tomorrow I have a date. Oh snap. I'm actually really excited. Oh, I also went apartment shopping. If all goes well hopefully Amber, Natalie and I will be living together soon. How crazy thats going to be... hahaha I also talked to my exBFs mom today. I miss her like whoa. Sad. I thought about how I figured my life would end up when I was younger. Never did I imagine it would go the way it's been going. I swear I take the most f'ed up turns, but somehow I always arrive where I need to be. Even if I do tend to take the senic route...
Well guess who has a new job as a hostess at Brios? Megan... lol This is just until I turn 19 on November 1st, then I'll go to work full time at Verizon Wireless. and THATS just until I start school back in the fall. I'm probably going to go to either Samford or Alabama. Salem was hell. I'll leave it at that. Natalie and I are looking at getting a townhouse/apartment together. That would kick so much A!!! lol I have to go shopping tomorrow (yuck) for black clothes. Because thats what hostesses wear at Brio's. I'm getting paid really well too so that isn't bad. Oh yeah... and I get 50% off the food there!!! HECK YEAH! I met a guy this weekend and his name is Chad... he's so sweet. we will see how this plays out... we have a date this weekend. Oh snap. I've been back home since Friday... lol I went to see the movie "Just like heaven" it's SOOO GOOD! really really funny too. I love reese witherspoon (however you spell her name), she rocks my world. Shes so talented. Anyway, I must be going.

Sep. 14th, 2005

I'm moving back home to Alabama. Probably going to go to Samford in the Spring. See you when I get home!
Well kids. Holy crap alot of rediculous stuff has happend this week. I'm going crazy. I'm flying home tomorrow in the early morning and I'm coming back on wednesday in the late afternoon. I need to be at home... Things are crazy here. I'm trippin out... lol GIRLS ARE DRIVING ME UP THE F*ING WALL! I SWEAR! I can't handle all the crap. I mean seriously... We've been here 2 weeks and ALL HELL has broken loose. SCREW YOU GIRLS!I miss Teddy!!! I'm going home bitches!!!

Paper # 2

Paper #2Collapse )


Today was interesting. I'm starting to get annoyed thats for sure. Anyway... I got a hammock chair for my room! I ordered it today. I love it. Leigh and I re-arranged our room. It looks much better now. I'll post pictures later.
Thats all I'm gonna write for today... bye!

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